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Welcome to Blooming Onion, the TFL-approved fanlisting for the Pikmin game series.

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About this site

Pikmin is a game series owned by Nintendo. The premise is that the player controls a small army of animal-plant hybrids (the eponymous Pikmin) to complete tasks, usually item transportation or combat. There are 4 main series games for the flagship Nintendo consoles and 2 spinoff games (one on 3DS and one on mobile). The latest release was Pikmin 4 in 2023. The mobile spinoff, Pikmin Bloom, also continues to receive updates.

The name "Blooming Onion" refers to an American appetizer dish consisting of an onion that's cut up to resemble a flower, then deep-fried. Pikmin nests are called "onions" and have a giant flower growing out of the top, hence blooming onion. (Look, I thought it was funny.)

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